Full Length

10 Minute

  • Another Valentine’s Day
    1m, 1f
    A couple faces an important decision while dressed for Halloween.
    Performed at Theatre Bay Area’s Annual Conference Playwrights Showcase

  • You Should have Been There
    Four friends argue about doulas and Kickstarter campaigns at a funeral

  • At The Make-Out Room
    1m, 1f
    Ex-lovers reminisce and consider reuniting
    Production, SF State Fringe Festival


  • I’ve Never Been In Love Before
    1f                                                                bad furniture and worse boyfriends

  • I Already Combed My Hair
    Baseball games aren’t always what they seem.

Both the above monologues produced at The Marsh Theater San Francisco

5 Minute

  • 1999
    Two lovers bring in a 3rd to spice up their bedroom adventures

  • OK Corral
    Work frenemies steal a lottery ticket with unexpected results.

  • Chasing the Dream
    Roommates fight over Edward Hopper’s paintings
    Produced by ShotzSF at PianoFight, San Francsico


One Minute

  • Spring Has Sprung

  • Foot In Both, Foot in Each

  • Hard Freeze

  • Interloper

National One Minute Play Festival; Dominic D’Andrea , Producer

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